The War For Dominance


For 2,000 years, the First Men and the Children of the Forest fought a war for dominance over the lands of Westeros.  The First Men were stronger than the Children and far more technologically advanced in almost every way.  The First Men had their weapons of bronze, and leather shields to fight against the Children of the Forest.  Although the Children had their own advantage, magic.

The Children of the Forest were known for their ability to use powerful magic.  The Children demonstrated their power by shattering the Arm of Dorne, in an attempt to stop the First Men from crossing over into Westeros.  Although they succeeded in shattering the land bridge, creating what is now known as the Step Stones, they acted too late in stopping the arrival of the First Men.

As the war continued, the First Men pushed the Children further north after each battle.  While pushing them back, the First Men would cut down any weirwood trees they found, as they believed the wisest of the Children of the Forests known as Greenseers were able to see through the trees.

The First Men pressed the offensive against the Children, pushing them as far north as the Neck.  The Children of the Forest took control of the Children’s Tower, one of three towers still remaining at Moat Cailin today.  It was here where legend has it the Children called upon their Gods to bring down the “Hammer of the Waters” and break the Neck, just as they once did to the Arm of Dorne. For an unknown reason it failed this time, resulting in the flooding of the Neck creating the swamps, where the Crannogmen live today.

Some believe it was this demonstration of power that lead the First Men to agree to peace terms between the two races.  This lead to the signing of the pact, a peace between the First Men and the Children of the Forest that would last 4,000 years.

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The First Men Arrive In Westeros

1. first men

The First Men arrived in Westeros around 12,000 years before Aegons Landing.  They came mounting their great stallions, armed with bronze swords and leathern shields.

The First Men came from the eastern continent, Essos, crossing over the land bridge, which over time would be known as the Arm of Dorne that once connected the two great continents, Westeros and Essos, together.

The First Men were lead to Westeros under the command of the First King.  Not much is known about the First King, but according to folklore his grave sight is contained within the Great Barrow located in the North.

Upon the First Men’s arrival into Westeros they swept through the lands settling in the new lands, building holdfasts and farms.  It was during this time the First Men started cutting down the carved weirwood trees, enraging the Children of the Forest.  This would lead to the two thousand year war between the Children of the Forest and the First Men.

It is believed that during the First Men’s exploration of Westeros that they discovered the Seastone Chair on the shores of Old Wyk, upon their arrival to the Iron Islands.

Before the Coming of Men

2. Children of the Forest

In the times before recorded history, Westeros was inhabited by “those who sing the song of earth,” whom will soon be known as the Children of the Forest.  Along with the Children Westeros was inhabited by giants, direwolves, and other magical creatures.

       The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers.  The great lions of the western hills have been slain, the unicorns are all but gone, the mammoths down to a few hundred.  The direwolves will outlast us all, but their time will come as well.

Little is known about the Children; although we know they are an extremely magical species of people and have inhabited Westeros for tens-of-thousands of years.  They are about the size of a human child (hence why the First Men referred to them as Children of the Forest).  The Children armed themselves with weirwood bows and obsidian daggers.  They worshiped nameless, faceless, Gods of the forest, stream and stone.  Legend has it that the Children of the Forest were the ones who carved the faces into the weirwood trees.