Filming in Dubrovnik Starts Today


Filming for season 5 of Game of Thrones is kicking off in the city of Dubrovnik today!  The city has represented King’s Landing in the past seasons, and the tradition is continues.  Filming in the city will run through October 3.

Thanks to, we have a run down of the multiple locations in Dubrovnik, some new and some old, for where the filming will be taking place (click the images for a closer look).

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According to the Facebook page, King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia, Game of Thrones production released this filming schedule for Dubrovnik.

Sep. 24 – Vrata od Pila (Pile Gate)

Sep. 25 – Ulica od Kaštela, uz Ulicu Sv. Marije (Streets in elevated part of old city)

Sep 26 – Ulica Ilije Sarake, Ulica od Margarite, Ulica uz Jezuite (Streets around Church of St. Ignatius)

Sep. 27 – Ulica od Rupa, Jezuite skale (Jesuit staircase)

Sep. 28 – Oct. 1 – Ulica od Margarite, Gundulićeva poljana, Jezuite skale (Jesuit staircase and green market plaza)

Oct. 2 – Ulica od Margarite, Uz Jezuite, Rabljaninova ulica, Ranjinina ulica (Streets in Southern part of old city below Church of St. Ignatius)

Oct. 3 – Ulaz od Ploča, od Trga Oružja cijelom dužinom Ulice Sv. Dominika (St. Dominic street)

Stay tuned for pictures from the filming in Dubrovnik!


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