Vila Dalmacija Set Preparation


Set preparation in Vila Dalmacija has been added to the list of filming locations for season 5 of Game of Thrones.  It appears that Vila Dalmacija will be representing Dorne in season 5, according to sources from Watchers on the Wall.  If the source is correct that Vila Dalmacija will be used for Dornish scenes I’ll be happy.  I like the yellow paint, and the brickwork that has been completed so far.

Thanks to we get a look at some of the preperations going on at Vila Dalmacija.

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There is also a large supply of horticultural pieces that have been planed around the set, and some that are still waiting to be planted.




Also there has been a blue floating platform that has been installed on the bay.  My guess is this will help the crew while filming scenes around the bay – We have also seen this same type of platform used for filming in Kastel Gomilica around the water.

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