Looking Ahead to Season 5

With the filming of Season 5 just kicking off, and the new characters announced during Comic Con, we can start to predict what scenes expect to see this season.  With the nature of this post everything will fall under the break, since we will be covering large spoilers.

So for those of you who have not read A Dance With Dragons stop reading here.

OK so hopefully everyone who is still reading this has finished all the books, otherwise a few huge events are about to be spoiled for you.  Still here? OK here go.

So the first piece that allows us to gauge just how far the story is going to go, is with the recent news that the character Yezzan was cast.   Now as I talked about in a previous post I assume they will be giving the character of Yezzan an added story line.  As we learned from Yezzan’s description, from HBO’s press release, he was greatly affected by Dany’s decision to outlaw slavery.  Now of course this is quite a stretch to make, but I could see them making Yezzan a citizen of Meereen. If this is the case his path could be fighting to get slavery allowed in the city of Meereen; This would be similar to Hizdahr zo Loraq’s story line in A Dance with Dragons trying to get Dany to open the Fighting Pits.  If they decided to take this route with Yezzan it would make sense to see his story line, in season 5, wrapping up with the purchase of Tyrion, Jorah, and Penny (if they include her that is).

In a recent article written at Winter Is Coming they talked about the rumors that HBO was scouting a bull ring, in Spain, as a possible filming location62957567.  If this rumor is true there is only one possible scene – that I could see this being at least – and that is Dany’s first ride.  I think a bull ring is a close enough representation to what Daznak’s Pit would look like – albeit the bull ring is a bit smaller than I had imagined the fighting pits to be.

I recently wrote a post on the casting of the High Sparrow, and questioned whether or not we could expect to see Cersei’s penance walk in season 5.  Well it would seem that question was answered;  In a recent article from Watchers on the Wall they reported that HBO had asked the Dubrovnik city council if they would allow an actress to walk the streets naked from Dubrovnik cathedral to the Sponza Palace entrance.  This is clearly in reference to Cersei’s walk.

So it seems that season 5 of Game of Thrones will get through all the material from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, for these few characters that is – and of course if these rumors are true.  I’m just curious what episodes this scenes will be placed in for the season, I’m sure that Yezzan purchasing Tyrion and Co., Dany’s first ride, and Cersei’s walk will all come very late in the season.  But which one of these, if any, will be our episode 9 moment.

Let me know your thoughts on all of these events down below!  And what episode you think these events will be placed in.


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