Trailer 1 Analysis

I know this post is long overdue.  I started working on it trying to include no spoilers and thought, that well, it simply didn’t provide any real reason to posted.  So now several re-watches of the Season 1 trailer here is my analysis.

That being said if you didn’t get the message, this post will include many, many, spoilers.  So please do not continue if you haven’t read the books.  I’d feel awful if I spoiled the season for you.  Just watch the trailer again and enjoy that till  the season premier on April 6.

Alright so now that its just us book readers here we go!

1This first shot we get of season 4 is very interesting to say the least.  It appears to be an overhead shot of Kings Landing with a shadow of a dragon (possibly Drogon).  But I really doubt this is what it seems to be.  My guess is that they included this shot to get those who haven’t read the books excited that Daenerys will be arriving in Westeros this season.  Of course we know that won’t be happening.  My guess is it will end up being a dream sequence.


Ahh the Purple Wedding.  Is there really anymore to say?  We get a few glimpses of this scene in the trailer and from the looks it HBO has done a marvelous job at making this a truly beautiful Royal Wedding, covered in the Lannister’s finest red. I almost forgot, it looks like the Queen of Thorns (Olenna Tyrell) is up to no good.

3Hmm now this one took me awhile.  Obviously a man on a horse riding through a war desolated area, covered with ash and death, caring a peace banner.  My thought, and what most people have come to believe, is this is Theon Greyjoy.  If that is correct, they would be speeding up his story arch quite a bit.  But of course how many seasons could you simply show him being tortured by Ramsay?

2Now there are a few shots leading up to this picture (scroll up and watch the trailer if you’d like to see them) but I thought this one showcased the scene the best.  A horseman charging towards Daenerys and her army.  This most likely, ok not most likely, this IS Oznak zo Pahl,  the champion for Meereen.  In the books he duels against Strong Belwas but unfortunately it would seem Belwas has been cut from the show. In his place will be the new Daario Naharis, played by Michiel Huisman.  All together this scene looks fantastic, albeit we don’t have Strong Belwas.

4Jamie with his new look for season 4.  Not really to much to say about this one.  His Kings Guard uniform looks nice. Oh yea “The wars not won.”

5A mysterious woman at the top of a staircase.  That is all.  But really this looks to be Daenerys, and if that is the case then she is most likely in Meereen.  Possibly Daenerys going down to visit Rhaegal and Viserion in the Dragon Pits.  Not to much to go off of from just this picture, but what we see of Drogon at the end of the trailer two Dan and David are really speeding up their growth, so it might be time to get the chains out and lock up these two.

6Just the usual fun stuff for Melisandre and Stannis.  Three people getting burned alive for the Lord of Light, R’hllor.  From the image alone, I can’t say to much else than what you see.

7Lets get the obvious out first, we have to army’s meeting up. Their obviously not at war with one another.  So who could this be?  Not sure, from the landscape it would seem to be somewhere in the North.  So possibly Roose Bolton.  Not much to go off of from this image.

8Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth aboard a vessel.  From shots in the Making Game of Thrones: Deborah Rileyit appears they will be taking a trip across the Narrow Sea to the Iron Bank of Braavos.  And once their done there it’ll be off to EastWatch, but I think they’ll try to keep that low key so their appearance at the Wall will be as big of a surprise as it was in the books.  

9I think the writing on the wall says it all “Kill the Masters.”  It looks like a slaver of Meereen is about to breathe his last breath. Like literally in one second this guy is done for.

10Daenerys sitting upon her comfy new throne in Meereen, accompanied by Ser Jorah. Barristan, Grey Worm, and Missandei.  I’m fairly certain this is the petitioner coming to present Daenerys with the charred bones of his daughter.  If you look closely you can see what appears to be something wrapped up in his arms.  So most likely the bones of his daughter.

11Not sure how much if there’s to much of anything to say about the image, so I’ll just leave this little caption from Daenerys “They have a choice they can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.”

12A wonderful shot here of Tywin Lannister presenting Jamie with his new Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper.  I think with the change in the story arch, that of Jamie and Brienne arriving in Kings Landing before the Purple Wedding, will turn out to be very interesting to watch play out.

13Tyrion being brought into court in chains.  The trailer cuts the scene a bit early, but I know in a previous shot it looked to be that Sansa was in the audience.  Although some people believed it wasn’t her, if it turns out to be her that change in events will be extremely interesting to see.  Just thought I’d throw that out there for you to think about.

14One of the most anticipated events for me is to see all the new scenes involving Oberyn interacting with the other people in Kings Landing, as we see here with Varys.  In this scene, Oberyn and Varys are having  a conversation in the throne room, which I simply cannot wait to see.  

15A Wildling cutting the throat of some innocent person.  From the looks of the Wildlings head I believe this will be Styr.

16Ygritte with her bow.

17Jon rallying his fellow Nights Watchmen. “If the Wildlings breech the Wall, they’ll roll over everything and everyone.”

18A Giant, possibly Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg, although I’d be shocked if they’ll ever name this friendly little fellow.  Just look at this beast, his head nearly touched the top of the tunnel.  This is going to be an absolutely amazing scene to see on screen.

19Asha – I refuse to call her Yara – paddling to go save her brother Theon.  It will be very interesting to see where David and Dan take her story line for this season.  I have a feeling she will be teleporting around the North, similar to Baelish in season 2.


Jamie getting fitted for his new golden hand.  I have to say the hand looks amazing.  And oh is that Qybrun I see?  I believe so.

21Cersei crying after her loss.

22Another deviation from the original story lines. We will be revisiting Rast and the other Nights Watch deserters, at Crasters Keep.  And yea, he’s sacrificing a baby for the Others.  He picked up that routine quite quickly.

23Arya practicing her needle work.  Get it cause she has needle back? Yea I if I could I’d have this song playing song in the background.

24Bran and Hodor, before a Weirwood Tree.  This entire story arch of Bran’s is being sped up so much that I’m not sure if I should take this picture at face value, or try to dig into it more.  Because from the second of video we get in the trailer it looks like Bran might be connecting with Blood Raven through the trees?  Not really sure, but it looks more than he is simply praying before the tree.  All I know is the show writers have a lot of story for Bran to jam into this season.

25More Oberyn.  I’ll just put this here and leave it at that. “Tell your father I’m here and tell him the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.”

26Oberyn fighting with The Mountain.  More on the second glimpse we see of this fight, and less on this particular picture, I don’t know how much I like how acrobatic Oberyn is.  I’m sure though this will be one of the most talked about events in the season.

27Joffrey and Margaery getting married n the Great Sept of Baelor. Looks nice.  We learn from the Ice and Fire A Foreshadowing trailer that the wedding will take up about half of the episode.


Jamie in the White Sword Tower, now acting Lord Commander of the Kings Guard.  I am so happy, and proud, that Dan and David are keeping this scene from the book.  I wasn’t sure if it would make the cut, but the fact this did makes me very happy.

29Tormund and what looks like to be Styr, charging into battle.

30Everyone’s favorite Nights Watchmen making a return to the show, Ser Allister Thorne.  OK maybe most everyone hates him but he seems to be doing a great job at rallying his troops, “Brothers, tonight we fight!”

31Jon Snow fighting someone in a forest.  This might be Jon battling against the Nights Watch deserters at Crasters Keep.


Theon…or should I say Reek is out of the Dreadfort.  I think this ties back to the third image in the post, the horseman with the peace banner.  I’m excited to see how Dan and David do with all the advancing story lines, as well as the story lines that they have changed completely. 

33The new Mountain about to kill a, presumably, innocent peasant.  This scene is not in the books so I’m guessing its been added for two reasons.  1. To show how huge this dude is, just look at him! and 2. To show how cruel The Mountain is.


Ramsay Snow with Myranda (the hand blur slapping him).  Is it a surprise to anyone that Ramsay likes getting slapped?

35Sansa… I mean Alayne Stone arriving to the Eyrie.  I think we might be seeing the “I’ve only loved one woman, I promise you” line at the end of the season.

36Arya with a sword at an inn.  This should be quite obvious, the moment she gets Needle back.

37Taking place at essentially the same moment as the above picture with Arya.  Just wanted to put it here cause it bad-ass.  How much explaining does a punch need?

38Jon Snow at the same battle in the last picture with him.  I still think will be at Crasters Keep.  Posted this one cause, well, its equally as bad-ass as the Hounds punch picture.

39And the cavalry have finally arrived.  This is surely Stannis and his men arriving to the Wall to deliver the final blow to defeat the Wildlings, basically.

Hope you enjoyed, leave your comments down below and let me know if you think I got it right or if you think I’m wrong.  Lets talk about it in the comments. Trailer 2 coming soon!


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