Season 4 Photos

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3 thoughts on “Season 4 Photos

  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

    I see they didn’t even try to make the new Daario look like the previous one, I was hoping they’d at least try to give him long hair so those that don’t know about the change would associate the two actors. He’s even more different than the books now lol.

    • My guess is they’ll make it very obvious who the new Daario is early on in the season. Probably just repeating “I am Daario Naharis and I do only what I want to do,” or something like that at least.
      What I’m really interested in seeing is how many viewers will recognize and connect the new Mountain with the previous two.

      • I know I totally missed out on the second Mountain at Harrenhal. Tywin even spoke his name but my slow brain was just “duuuh, who’s this guy with the deep voice?”. I was too busy listening to Tywin and his plans to give it anymore thought lol.

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