Publisher Update on THE WINDS OF WINTER

Publisher Update on THE WINDS OF WINTER:

George R.R. Martin’s UK publishers, HarperCollins Voyager, have offered (via a redacted Twitter exchange) a rare comment on the progress of The Winds of Winter, the sixth and planned-to-be penultimate volume of A Song of Ice and Fire. They have confirmed that the novel will definitely not be published in 2014, but that a 2015 release is possible.

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12 thoughts on “Publisher Update on THE WINDS OF WINTER

    • Thanks for the comment. Honestly, even though the wait is killing me, I’m fine whenever it comes out. I just want George to continue with the fantastic job he has done on the five previous books. But 2015 works for me!
      And as the article says “As always, believe nothing (not even this post!) until it comes from GRRM directly.”

      • Right on. I’m also fine with George taking his time to drop out some awesomeness. But I think everyone feels the Television show’s schedule like the sword of Damocles over GRRM’s head.

        I think a 2015 release would buy some breathing room.

        And thanks for the news and the feedback.

      • I wasn’t worried about the TV show passing George until I saw the trailer for season 4. It seems they are really pushing some characters story lines ahead and I just don’t see why the rush is necessary. A 2015 would provide some much needed breathing room.
        Might do a post on this in the near future.

  1. 2015? Shoot me.

    I’ve been trickle-reading the last chapters left in hopes it would come out this year 😦

    At least he isn’t rushing it too much for the series and consequently screwing things up. I hope they cut him / he cuts himself some slack so he can focus more on thinking up his story.

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