The Innkeeper’s Daughter


Last week it was announced, at WinterIsComing, that Gabrielle Dempsey will be taking on the role of an Innkeeper’s Daughter in episode 1 for season 4.  There is no specification as to which Innkeeper’s Daughter she will be, which leaves her role in the story very open for speculations.  If you’ve read the books you know there is quite a few Innkeeper’s Daughter.

There are a few possibilities I could see her role going.  But as most all of these posts go, they all fall under the spoiler section.


So since Gabrielle will be appearing in episode 1 it hints to the idea her role in the season will be nothing more as a quick appearance.  I think what makes the most since is if they included Ser Gregor’s rape scene we only hear about in the book.  I could see this as it paints the picture of how evil The Mountain is.

The only other idea I have is one that would require the story to be altered even more.  It involves Gabrielle taking the role of a combination of Jeyne and Willow Heddle.  This would involve them not being the innkeeper of the Crossroas Inn, but rather some other Inn.  The reason I even mention this is because we last saw Gendry sailing away from Dragonstone to Kings Landing.  So whats not to say Gendry landed his row boat before reaching Kings Landing, and boom he stumbles upon the Inn with Gabrielle.

She could be playing any number of Innkeepers Daughters.  Who’s to say which one, maybe even a show created character, we will have to wait and find out during the premiere.

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