Paola Dionisotti Cast

Well it looks like we have some more casting news from the Vale.  Paola Dionisotti will be taking on the role of Lady Anya Waynwood in season 4 of A Game of Thrones.  WinterIsComing, was the first to notice the update on Paola’s CV.

I’m very pleased to see their casting more characters from the Vale.  Last week it was announced that Rupert Vansittart will be playing Yohn Royce.  I find it a bit ironic that these two characters would be cast from the Vale, as they both directly tie in to one of the most anticipated characters from the Vale (at least in my opinion).  I’ll go into a bit more depth in the spoiler section.

Altogether I’m happy with the selection of Paola as Lady Waynwood.  Shes a very experienced actress and I think she’ll do a fine job here.


So for those of who you have read the books, could you figure out who Lady Waynwood and Yohn Royce are connected too?  The answer is…Ser Harrold Hardyng, also known as Harry the Heir.  Harry was knighted by Lord Royce after winning a squires melee at Runestone.  And he is currently in service to Lady Waynwood as a squire and ward.

It’s very interesting to see more characters being cast from the Vale.  I  never thought they’d take this story so far in season 4.  But it would appear there going to speed the story up a bit.  We’ll get a better picture of how far they plan on taking it if we get more casting news from the Vale, otherwise these two characters could simply be written off as introducing some characters from the Vale to give Petyr a difficult time.

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