Michiel Huisman Cast


It was announced yesterday that Michiel Huisman will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones for season 4.  His role in the show is still unknown.

A photo of Michiel was posted on Instagram of him working out with Aaron Williamson, an actor and fitness pro, unfortunately the picture was taken down.  Although thanks to the wonderful power of the web we can still see it, click here to check out the picture.

“1 more week w/ Michiel Huisman getting him ready to kick ass on Game of Thrones. Proud of this guy’s dedication; huge transformation from his Treme days.#MichielHuisman #GameOfThrones #Treme#WorldWarZ #HBO #FitnessMeetsFilm,”

Here are my thoughts on who Huisman could be playing as well as my thoughts against some of the speculations that have been talked about.

First lets start off with a few characters I don’t think Huisman will be playing.

The first character that came to most people’s minds when they saw the picture of Huisman was Euron Greyjoy (AKA Crow’s Eye).  The reason why this doesn’t work is because Euron is the brother of Balon Greyjoy, who is played by Patrick Malahide a 68 year old actor. I highly doubt they would cast Huisman a 32 year old actor to play his brother.

The second character a lot of people have been talking about is Hyle Hunt.  Although I really hope they cast someone to play Hunt in the future, I don’t think it would fit in the story quite yet, I think that will be later on in season 5.  Although having Huisman working out would make sense for the role of Hyle Hunt, as Hunt is a knight, I personally never imagined Hunt as a very bulky man.  I’ll finish my thoughts on Huisman being Hunt at the end of the post as it contains A Feast for Crows spoilers.

Onto the few characters I see as strong possibilities.  I know there are a lot of characters here but that’s because there are so many possibilities for Husiman to play, especially with where we are in the story.

The first character that I could see Huisman being would be a spin off character of Marillion developed by the writers.  For those who don’t remember Joffrey had Marillion’s tongue torn out in season 1.  The reason I could see this is because Huisman is an experienced singer and guitar player.  And the fact that Marillion’s importance in the story is going to be increasing over the next season, depending on of course on how far they go this upcoming season.  The thing that doesn’t quite fit with this theory is the picture of Huisman lifting,  there’s just no explanation as to why Huisman would need to get into shape for the role of Marillion.  Which is why I’m not fully invested into this theory.

The next character I could see Huisman as is one of Asha’s (Yara in the show) lovers; either Tristifer Botley or Qarl the Maid.  It would make sense with the way the writers are changing Asha’s story line which would act as a nice introduction for Huisman’s character.  Also this would explain the why they have Huisman getting into better shape.  Either Tristifer or Qarl would be fine with me, I personally just want them to introduce one of them into the story, to increase the importance of the Iron Born story.

The last character I could see Huisman as is a combination of the Kettleblack brothers: Osmund, Osfryd, and Osney.  I think season 4 is the perfect time to introduce these characters, but I don’t see them bringing on all three of them as it would probably make the story in Kings Landing to over crowded with characters.  This is why I could definitely see them combining the three Kettleblack brothers into a single character.

Of course all of this is just my speculation.  But what do you think about who Huisman will be playing?

Spoiler Section!!

The reason I think we can cancel out Hyle Hunt is they have already filmed Brienne and Pod’s scenes in Icleand.

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