Season 4 Set Design Sneak Peek



Some set designs are underway in Dubrovnik, Croatia and thanks to @tinodbk and @hjeclic we get to see what it’s looking like.

Its a pretty interesting set up they have going on.  In my opinion it looks like their creating stands to be over looking what might possibly be an arena.

Now sadly I cant say to much as to what I think this is going to used for without major spoilers, and I mean major!  So for you non-book readers this is where you should stop reading. Seriously.


So all you book readers it looks like we finally have a visual of where we will have our famous duel, between Ser Gregor and Oberyn (or at least I suspect that’s what it is.)  I think its almost perfect with the arena being small and compact, which will result in the amazing scene of Ser Gregor lunging violently at Oberyn killing an innocent spectator.  Altogether I think it looks great, and cant wait to see it put to good use.


4 thoughts on “Season 4 Set Design Sneak Peek

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