Returning Cast Members

Some updates on returning cast members for Season 4 have been announced.  Of course all the main cast is returning for Season 4, at least those who survived.  But as far as returning cast members from previous seasons, we have a good line up for some pretty important minor characters.


Andy Beckwith who played Rorge in Season 2 will be making a comeback.  For those who don’t remember him, he was the one locked up in the cage with  Jaqen H’ghar.


Owen Teale is said to be returning as Allister Thorne, the former Master-At-Arms at Castle Black.  And rival of everyone’s favorite bastard, Jon Snow.


Next we have Kate Dickie and Lino Facioli, Lysa Arryn and her son Robert Arryn.  Who were said to have filmed scene’s for Season 3, but either got cut or pushed back to Season 4.


And lastly we have Dominic Carter who unofficially has said to come back in Season 4 as Janos Slynt.  Who we last saw in Season 2, being dismissed as Captain of the Gold Cloaks by Tyrion, and sent North to the Wall.

Now if only we could get Conan Stevens, who played Ser Gregor Clegane from Season 1, then I’d be ecstatic.

More Updates to come when announced!


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